Review: Christmas with the Bomb Girls by Daisy Styles

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As a keen reader of wartime saga novels, I was pleased to be contacted by the wonderful people at Michael Joseph to review a copy of Daisy Styles' new book "Christmas with the Bomb Girls". I have read some fantastic fiction in this genre as well as some truly overwrought and terrible efforts - luckily I am already familiar with Daisy Styles' work and as such felt I would be in completely safe hands with this one. I'm happy to report it didn't disappoint, and even left me feeling very Christmassy (and lucky that I don't have to do Christmas on the ration!). I've already had my first mulled wine of the season (I know, I'm an early bird) and as the nights are drawing in, I really enjoyed wrapping myself up in bed and settling down with this book in the evenings. Read on for a short spoiler-free summary and the rest of my thoughts on the novel. 

Christmas with the Bomb Girls

Christmas 1943 is approaching and the Bomb Girls of the Phoenix Munitions Factory are determined to do their part for the war effort – though their lives are complicated by family, illness, loss and secrets, they will keep making the bombs for the boys on the front line. Gladys, fresh from her ENSA posting in Europe, keeps her worries to herself while the newest addition to the cordite line, Rosa, settles in and makes new friends. Set against the backdrop of the festive season in Pendleton, the girls' strong bonds will see them through thick and thin as they wonder whether 1944 will see the end of the war.

“Christmas with the Bomb Girls” is a lovely easy-to-read novel in a charming fluid style. The characters of the Bomb Girls draw you in from the beginning, and I found myself very attached to the girls and the highs and lows they experience as they approach Christmas day. The varied personalities and lives of the girls create a great realistic dynamic, all tied together with their work in the munitions factory. It was very emotional and moving in places and I definitely cried more than once, although the sad moments are offset by plenty of happy moments and festive cheer. It didn't take me very long at all to finish reading as I kept coming back to the story to find out what would happen next. 

This is storytelling at its absolute best, especially for fans of the genre. Although it's the third in the Bomb Girls series, its stands alone with no need to have read the other two. It's a wonderful introduction to the lives of the group of friends that left me wanting to know the rest of their stories.

Bomb Girls

Thanks very much to the folks at Michael Joseph for working with me! I hope you enjoy my review and I'd really recommend getting a copy to read over Christmas.

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