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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. For today's blog post I just wanted to talk a little bit about my involvement with In Retrospect Magazine so I hope you enjoy seeing what I've been up to and learning a bit more about the publication!

In Retrospect Magazine

I first became aware of the magazine when I was sent a few copies to review. I really enjoyed reading all the articles and poring over the wonderful fashion spreads, and I found that there was plenty of content to read meaning that the publication is great value for money. It targets a slightly different audience to something like Vintage Life Magazine, meaning that it's well worth picking up a copy if you're into reading about topics such as history, film and television, and music and dance as well as just fashion. You can read my full review here.

After reviewing these issues of the magazine, I also became involved in other capacities, first modelling for issue 6's Pretty in Pink feature and then through writing for the Dispatches section of In Retrospect's website.

In Retrospect

I really enjoyed modelling for the magazine, and it was fun to put together the crazy 80s looks inspired by the film, plus I met some really great people on the day. I hope I might be able to model again for the magazine in the future, maybe doing a 1940s or 50s look which I'm more familiar with.

The Dispatches are usually shorter articles than those that appear in the magazine, and are written by a range of authors on a huge variety of topics. For my own part, I started off by reviewing several articles of clothing for the popular reproduction brand Vivien of Holloway.

Vivien of Holloway

I reviewed a 1940s style tea dress featuring a very sweet envelope pattern novelty print, as well as a matching set of a slash neck top and 1940s swing trousers. As well as writing these reviews, I've also written two other reviews - one of a novel by Charlotte Bingham called The Moon at Midnight, and the other of the film The Edge of Love starring Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller. Both of these reviews are part of a series called Retrospective Reviews, featuring books, movies, and other media which is not brand new but which nonetheless would appeal to those of us who enjoy what the magazine terms the "retrospective lifestyle".

I am continuing to write these kinds of pieces for the Dispatches, and in fact have just finished working on some more reviews which may appear on the website in the future. I also have several more similar articles planned, and I'd be really interested in hearing whether any of you have any older books or films that you'd like me to review for the site.
  Vivien of Holloway

That's everything for now, but I do hope to be checking in with some more articles soon.

In the meantime, you can read all the other Dispatches articles here, and you can find all the details about purchasing or subscribing to the magazine here

Please let me know in the comments if there is anything you'd like me to review or write about for any upcoming Dispatches!

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