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Disclaimer: Some of these items were purchased using a gift voucher given to me by Rex London, or were given to me by Rex London free of charge. All opinions are my own.

Last year I posted about some vintage style gifts that I got from Rex London. I had a really positive experience shopping with them last year, and have been back to their website several times throughout the year to look for presents for friends and family. This year I was contacted by Rex London again to see if I'd like to try a few other things from their website, and so I was able to investigate some more of their stock. This time I didn't find anything that I wanted as a gift for someone else, so I mainly stuck to treating myself to a few things that I either have been needing for a while (such as a new umbrella) or which were too pretty to resist.


Above is an overview of all the things I chose from the website. I really love the different vintagey patterns that are offered; in this case I seem to have been mostly drawn to different florals!

In the background of my photo is the pantry design cotton apron, which is the one thing that I did get for someone else - in this case my mum. I was really struggling to get a good photo of the apron by itself, so instead here is the photo from the website so you can see how nice the apron actually looks. Mum says she has been really enjoying using the apron, and she is a big fan of the song bird pattern. In fact, she says this is the nicest apron she has ever owned, so that's a great endorsement!


The next thing I chose was this lovely tea cosy in a paisley floral print. I don't currently use a tea pot (although that is my own tea pot which you can see just poking out the bottom, which I'm saving for when I have a proper place of my own), but I am really enjoying collecting a few kitchen and homeware bits and pieces for use in the future.


I also found a lovely new umbrella for myself, as I have been needing a new one since my old one broke. This is a nice long one, which I really like as they seem more vintage style than the compact ones.


Above is a glass frame which hinged at the top, and hung with a velvet ribbon. At some stage I intend to put pressed flowers in this, as I think that would really suit the antique or shabby chic look of the frame.


I have seen these stunning stork embroidery scissors being shown off on sewing and planner blogs before, so when I found they were available from dotcomgiftshop I absolutely had to get myself a pair. I don't have a specific use in mind yet for these, as I don't often do embroidery and I'm not sure if I want to use them for paper (e.g. for cutting the stickers for my own planner) in case I blunt them. Nevertheless, they're a really special item to have.


Lastly I got this flask in the Rambling Rose pattern. I use a flask often for taking drinks to uni or when I go home to my parents' house. My old flask had got a bit worn out so I decided it was about time to replace it, so I decided on having one of the pretty ones available from dotcomgiftshop instead of buying another plain one.

If you still haven't checked out the things on offer from Rex London, I really recommend that you take a peek (especially in the sale section as they often have things at fantastic discounts). See you all again soon!

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  1. Oh,the gifts are beauty!!!!!!!!!