My 10 Un-Vintage Confessions

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10 un-vintage confessions_Fotor Hi everyone! Today's blog post is inspired by a tag I have seen on Youtube on some of the goth channels I watch called "My 10 Un-goth Confessions". In the spirit of that, I thought I'd do my own 10 un-vintage confessions and if you'd like to join in and do your own, I'd love you to do so and link me to your post so I can see! Here goes...

1. I don't really have any real-life vintage friends.

I have a few friends who occasionally dabble in a slightly vintage-inspired look and I know a few people who dress in 1940s clothing for re-enactment, but none of the people I normally hang out with (including my boyfriend) dress in a vintage style.

2. I can't swing dance...

In fact I'm a terrible dancer. But I'd really love to learn, and I'm endlessly jealous of people who can swing dance.

3. I'm currently don't wear vintage full time.

I spend a lot of time working on my field work at the moment, which isn't something that lends itself well to vintage fashion. Genuine vintage clothing is too precious for me to want to risk damaging it, and even most repro is impractical for tramping round a muddy field, which I do on a regular basis. In my free time, I'm finding that I'm gravitating towards jeans or leggings for ease and comfort - although I still try to wear my vintage things when I get the opportunity. When I finish my current round of field work, I'll be back to wearing vintage style clothing for the majority of the time - although I still like my leggings for the occasional lazy day!

4. I'm really bad at vintage hairstyles.

This is absolutely no secret - I am honestly terrible at doing my own hair. I have a few hairstyles that I can manage with fairly well but I don't tend to often stray outside of my comfort zone. Any time my hair looks really good, it's probably been done by my hairdresser.

5. I don't really like much vintage decor.

I know that a lot of people on the vintage scene like to do out their houses in a vintage style, but I find my own tastes in decor either tend towards an antique style or is much more modern.

6. I don't watch a lot of old movies.

In fact, my knowledge of classic cinema is woeful. I'm actually not much of a cinema buff at all though, so my knowledge of modern cinema pretty much sucks as well.

7. I can barely sew.

I can sew on a button, I can mend a hem, and I can darn a hole. I've been slowly trying to learn how to sew my own clothes, but as I'm mostly self-taught (with a little help from Youtube), progress is pretty slow.

8. I wasn't "born in the wrong decade".

I loathe that phrase. I am 100% a 21st century girl, and you can pry my smartphone from my cold dead hands. I won't go into a discussion of sexism or rights, but suffice to say I enjoy having a job in a STEM subject where I get to do more than make tea for men. That being said, plenty of people have used this phrase in good faith to describe me, and I can absolutely understand why when you look at my wardrobe and taste in music. I just accept it as the compliment it's intended as and move on.

9. I'm not brilliant at dating vintage clothing.

Sure, I can absolutely date items much better than I used to be able to and I'm learning all the time. But I know a lot of people can date things with much more precision than I am able to. I'm able to date things with enough accuracy to feel comfortable with it most of the time.

10. I usually wear modern makeup.

When I started wearing vintage clothing I did switch to wearing somewhat more neutral colours (most of the time at least) than I had done previously, but overally my makeup has remained largely the same as ever unless I'm specifically trying to create a period-accurate look for some reason. I even still like to wear lip gloss, even though I know it sometimes gets a bad rap from vintage girls.


So that's it for now! If you make an un-vintage confessions post of your own, be sure to leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out! 

Let's get social!

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  1. That "born in the wrong decade" thing drives me crazy! I love vintage clothing and vintage style, but there were a lot of terrible things about previous decades - the racism and sexism chief amongst them. Let's not put rose colored glasses on in regards to the past!

    1. Right?! I can understand what people are saying, but I am really thankful that I can choose to enjoy the good bits of the past in terms of my wardrobe and music and whatever, without having to put up with the not so good bits.

  2. Your makeup here is gorgeous, what eyeshadow are you using? x

    1. It's the Maat palette from Eye of Horus. I included it in a blog post here:


  3. I totally can relate to your post! I love vintage (clothes, furniture, music and movies), but I'm not a purist. Love to mix things and I like so many other things it would restrict me if I would only focus on vintage.

    1. Thanks! I'm totally behind people who want to be 100% vintage for 100% of the time (and a bit jealous as I'd love to have the lifestyle and money to do it), but I like having the freedom to be flexible.

  4. Loved this post- it was fun to get some behind the scenes :) I definitely don't dress in vintage all the time either!
    The Artyologist

  5. Oh! I LOVE this idea! And, looks like we have a few things in common! Great post!