Shirt Refashion

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This is the third blouse I've made for myself from an old shirt of my brother's. Since I've blogged about what essentially amounts to the exact same shirt twice before, I'll keep this short and sweet.

I've been ever so pleased with the other two (one | two) and I plan to do at least one more plus probably one for my mum. I like the thicker material that mens' shirts are made of as it can be a little hard to come by for women - I love a sheer blouse but they're not always practical especially in the winter. Although these blouses are short sleeved, they still feel a bit more appropriate for colder weather than some of my others.

In the shot above you can see that the armholes on these shirts tend to be a bit big for me especially once the sleeves are removed, so I would normally wear them with a camisole underneath to cover a bit of the gap. I also regret not checking to make sure my shirt was evenly tucked in to my jeans before I took the photos but let's go ahead and treat that as a realistic glimpse into my life. It's too cold for me to want to be bothered retaking them!



That's all for now, see you soon!

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  1. I love your blouse - making good use of an old shirt as well!

    I also like your jeans - as a non-jeans wearer you are making me reconsider my position on the matter

    1. I also didn't wear jeans for a really long time but having a good pair of Freddies made all the difference!

  2. Such a comfy, fun looking shirt. I could see it partnering really well with high waisted sailor button style shorts or peddle pushers in the summer months, too.

    Have a fantastic New Year's countdown!
    ♥ Jessica