Outfit: Mrs Winchester

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When my parents came and visited for my birthday, we spent a few days together and went into Winchester together a couple of times. The last photo on my previous post as a family photo from one of our days out, taken for us by a stranger in return for me taking a photo of her group.

Winchester Outfit
Coat - Primark | Cardigan and bag - Marks and Spencer | Skirt - Tara Starlet
Shoes - Deichmann | Gloves - Vintage, gift | Scarf - borrowed from my mum
Hair flower - Primark, probably




I know the house looks a little funny in this shot - I couldn't get any further back as there was a wall in the way! However, I felt like I needed a photo as I do enjoy Austen. 


Winchester outfit 2

Although I only managed to grab a couple of outfit photos as we were busy doing other things, I loved this location for them. I bet this little garden is gorgeous in summer when all the flowers on the trellis are blooming. I also don't have too many other photos to share from Winchester but I'll take my camera when I go to the Christmas market so hopefully I'll be able to share a little more. It's worth it as Winchester is super pretty.

The video below is a little something I made a long time ago now for a song called "Mrs Winchester" which popped into my head when I was writing this post. Don't mind the shakiness, it's a beautiful song so just focus on that instead!

See you all soon! xoxo 

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  1. That really is a timelessly gorgeous location. What a pretty spot to shot in and moreover visit. Your classic camel hued coat is such a charmer!

    ♥ Jessica