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Today I though I would share a very quick few photos from my first few weeks of living in my new home. None of these are outfit-related, so feel free to skip this post if you're just here for clothes. I'll be back to outfits and some other vintage topics next time.



colour run


I've been really enjoying living where I do now all apart from the distance I am now from my friends and family back in the Midlands. However, I've been really lucky and have made some great new friends in my new home.

I hope this random selection of photos hasn't been too boring - it was really just by way of a quick update as I've been running the blog off mostly pre-written scheduled posts (from before I moved) for a while now. Like I said at the beginning, I'll be back to my usual style of content from the next post onwards, so I hope to see you there!

Let's get social!

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  1. What a lovely shots! It looks like you're in a really beautiful part of the country. How marvelous that you've got a beach in your town. There's something deeply fantastic, IMO, about living close to the water.

    ♥ Jessica