What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?

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What's in my travel makeup bag?

Next week I'm staying for the week in my new flat (I'll be moving my things in as you read this!) but then I have to come back and stay with my parents again for a bit because I'm still working in my home town.

Because I'm not staying for very long, I'm only taking a small amount of makeup with me. This is the makeup I would usually take any time I'm staying away from home. The products don't vary much although the brands of the foundation, mascara and concealer aren't always the same, and I don't always take the same lipstick.

So, what's in my travel makeup bag?

First of all, the bag itself is my white Clarins makeup bag which came with a gift set I was given several years ago.

Here are the products I'll be taking:

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation in 04 Light Porcelain - This is my current foundation although I don't tend to stick to one brand. I've had this one quite a few times before and I really like the texture and coverage.

Derma V10 LipCare Petroleum Jelly with Aloe Vera - I always have about 10 tubs of lipbalm hanging around the house as I get through so much. This one is just off-brand Vaseline and it's an essential for me.

Collection Cover Up Stick in 01 Light Translucent - I've found this to be a pretty decent budget option concealer. However, this particular stick has snapped completely in half. I prefer the Urban Decay concealer pencils when I have the money to spend on them.

Almay Powder Blush in Peach 130 - As you can probably tell from the grubby packaging, this is the most used blusher that I own. I find that the peach colour complements my skin tone very well. I own several Almay products because of my sensitive skin, although I must admit that I haven't noticed them really making any difference to my eczema.

Almay Intense I-Colour Trio For Browns - I have a handful of these Almay eye shadow trios and don't pay any particular attention to what colour eyes they're meant to be for. This one is my favourite because it's the most neutral and therefore I find it the most useful for travelling as the colours will go with any outfit.

Max Factor by Ellen Betrix Pastell Compact in shade 4 - I always use Max Factor powders for two reasons. Firstly, they're the perfect size to fit in my vintage compact and the only brand that I've found that easily pops out of the plastic packaging; and secondly because they're very high quality and have a nice luxury feel and scent for a reasonable price. This one is different to my usual Max Factor powder because I bought it in a local discount store which is now sadly closed, but used to sell mainly end-of-the-line and discontinued products. I'm just using the last bit of the previous powder that's in my compact and then I'll swap it for this one.

Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick in 1 Seduction - While I love a good red lipstick, I've opted on this occasion for a pretty pink. It's still a fairly bright pink so it feels like it's in the same family as my usual reds, but seems a little more appropriate for the kinds of activities I'll be doing during the week (mostly introductory teaching type things).

The Body Shop White Musk Eau De Toilette - I picked up this little perfume sample when I was on holiday and it's ideal for travelling because of the size. Plus, it's a scent that I actually really like, although I probably wouldn't have bought it for myself as I tend to go for sweeter scents (I like anything fruity, floral or candy scented).

Too Faced Lava Gloss Super Brown Eyeliner - I normally use a brow powder to fill in my eyebrows, but my little powder compact is broken (the lid fell off) and isn't suitable for travelling any more. I sometimes use this pencil for filling in my brows at home if I'm in a rush, and I can also use it to line my eyes if I want to. I do appreciate any products that have multiple uses for travelling.

Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara in Xtra Black - Like the Collection concealer, I like this mascara as a good budget option. My favourite ever budget mascara is the W7 Big Lash mascara but I used to buy it at the discount store I mentioned above which has now closed. This Miss Sporty one is nice and black and costs £1.99 or thereabouts.

I'll be doing a lot of travelling over the next few weeks and months, so please do let me know if there are any products you particularly like for travelling!

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  1. I live between 2 different places so have to carry my basic make up items in my handbag. We seem to keep the same products on hand. And multi purpose items are fantastic!

  2. I don't travel much, but when I do I find it really hard to narrow down my products into one bag. Last time i went somewhere i took way too many bags just to fit all my hair, skin care and makeup stuff. I think I might have to try the maybelline foundation now. I am still looking for a foundation with a good coverage for events.

  3. Great selection, very much including that versatile trio of shadow colours.

    Happy travels and all the best with your exciting new digs!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I like the Almay shadows and I also don't pay any attention to what eye color they are for. That idea of certain colors being for certain eye colors seems really out dated to me (not in a good vintage-y way) so I sort of wish they would drop that. I have blue eyes and the blue eye sets, no matter what brand, are always blue eye shadows, which is not my favorite. I always think your skin looks so good - I will have to try the Maybelline foundation, which I have never used. I'm trying to start using more natural cosmetics, with fewer chemicals, but so far it seems some of the natural brands are actually more irritating to sensitive skin.