Steampunk Saturdays: The Ringmaster

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Ringmaster Steampunk Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

Ringmaster Steampunk Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

Ringmaster Steampunk Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

Ringmaster Steampunk Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

I am super pleased with how this outfit came out, and I really wish I had an event to wear it to. It's hard to pick a favourite hat out of all the ones Mandy lent me, but this one is one of my top choices. The feather/diamanté detailing on the front is lovely.

I'd originally shot this hat with a different outfit (which you will also see in a few weeks time) but I'd had a brainwave with the stripy tights which I spotted in my drawer. I really prefer this outfit so I'm glad I decided to go ahead with the idea. The tights are about 10 years old and left over from my teenage goth phase (I've cut the feet off at some point, I think because they'd laddered pretty badly) but I'd saved them for a future costume party or similar because I am a terrible hoarder. I'm really glad I kept them!

I've been wearing my hair straight a lot recently because I've been working really hard and I'm usually too tired in the evenings to be bothered with pin curling it after I've been in the shower. Since I'm working in the lab, I usually just stick it up in a ponytail and think no more of it. Having it both straight and loose looks really odd to me, just because I'm not used to seeing it. I wish there was a way of instantly curling your hair without having to go to any effort at all!

Hat - Natty Titfers | Vest top (just seen) - old, Tesco
 Tights - high street somewhere | Skirt (pinned in place at sides) - old, Matalan
Waistcoat - stolen from my brother | Corset - Corsets UK | Belts - both Primark

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  1. Seriously cool outfit! I love everything about this eye-catchingly great look, that super fun hat very much included.

    Have a fantastic first weekend of fall, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Such a cool look! 'Tis the season for costume parties, I might have to try and recreate something like this in the near future.

  3. This outfit is so fun! Looooove it!