Outfit: Jellyfish and Sheep

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1950s dress and jelly shoes


1950s dress and jelly shoes

1950s dress and jelly shoes

Jelly shoes



Today I went with my parents to a local nature reserve to scout out a small pond where you're allowed to go pond dipping. I wore my new favourite shoes, these awesome jelly sandals - or jellyfish shoes as I usually call them, which I think comes from this book which I read as a child. Of course they're not vintage style at all (unless you count 90s as vintage) , and I don't normally buy modern things that aren't vintage appropriate, but I had an idea in my head of how they'd look paired with a 1950s dress and socks. I'm pretty happy with the look although I have worn the same shoes with other 50s dresses and I think I actually have other dresses which look even better with the shoes. I'll be wearing them all summer anyway, as I like to have a cheap pair of shoes to wear over the summer which go with everything and don't matter if they get messed up. Last year it was these blue lace-ups which I wore until they fell apart.

The socks I'm wearing were a Christmas present from my mum and I've been saving them to wear in the summer because they are too cute to be hidden away underneath trousers and winter shoes. Hopefully you can tell from the picture that the pattern is of some cute little sheep.

Dress - 1950s vintage from Simplicityisbliss on Etsy |  Socks - gift
Shoes and sunglasses - Primark

Edit: Sun Jellies seem to have been making jelly shoes since 1946, albeit without the chunky heel (according to their website), so maybe these have more vintage credentials than I first thought!

1950s dress and jelly shoes

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  1. The jelly shoes work really well and bring together you look beautifully. I do love jellies and used to wear then during the school summer holidays growing up. Sparkly shoes, need anyone say more? Just fabulous!

  2. I definitely had these exact shoes in the 90s... One of my first pairs of 'heels'! I think for that reason I can't stomach the idea of wearing them again now as a grown woman, but I do love what you've done here. They work perfectly with this outfit!

  3. Can I just say again how much I like your hair! The cut, the way you style it..perfection! The outfit is so darn cute too. I had no idea Jelly shoes could be so fun. I've just seen them as flats in our dollar stores so I've never given them much of a thought. These are spectacular!

  4. Another great read Helen, and the hair is looking fab. I love how you've dressed this style. And you seem to have gotten to grips with the midi cut we did.
    You look fab. I love the socks too. 🐏

  5. What a charmingly pretty outfit! I love (!) those great jelly sandals. You know, I think I was the only child in the 80s/90s that didn't, to the best of my memory at least, own jelly sandals. I so need to remedy that one of these days! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Jelly shoes were invented in France just after world war two so they are retro.

    1. You're right and a while ago I added a note to that effect above - though my specific ones are very modern with the glitter and chunky heel!