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Today I have something a little bit different for you: a little feature on fellow blogger Carla of Tiny Angry Crafts. Carla has been extremely supportive of Lovebirds Vintage in the last few months so it's my pleasure to share her lovely blog with you.

Tiny Angry Crafts started as a companion to Carla's Etsy store and has grown into a blog about Carla's knitting, sewing, crafting, cosplay, and of course her vintage outfits.

She knits and sews really well and regularly showcases her handiwork. I love her Victory sweater a huge amount but her blue peasant blouse really suits her too. You can see her creations from 2014 here as well as her plans for 2015 here.

Carla was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about blogging, sewing, and cosplay.

Is there anything you want to tell us about your blog?
I originally started the blog to show off my crafts, and to sell them on my etsy shop. I found it hard to make posts, and just did whatever for a while. I went through a complete change more or less 'overnight', and started to show off my vintage inspired crafts, and clothes. I feel more confident and happier this way. 

Oh, and I suppose I can let you all know about the blog name. My younger sister is the reason for Tiny Angry Crafter. I'm shorter than she is (she's 5ft8in, I'm 5ft2in); so I'm Tiny to her.I squint when I don't have my glasses on which makes me look Angry. And I'm always crafting something.
She put them all together one day when we were hanging out, and it stuck.

How did you get into cosplay?
I was aware of cosplay a year before I went to my first San Diego Comic-Con, in the fall of 2003. I saw Japanese cosplayers, and discovered an American convention called Anime Expo, and wanted to go there. I would shyly observe cosplayers each SDCC I attended, and asked some a few questions. I finally made my first cosplay from scratch in 2007 and haven't looked back since.

Is screen accuracy of your costumes important or do you enjoy capturing the essence of a character?
I try to be as screen accurate in a lot of my costumes, as reasonably possible. With my Peggy Carter cosplay, I made my own bullet bra, and wore period accurate underthings, but that's pretty much normal clothes for me now. For some of my male costumes, I bind my chest and alter my face to look more masculine.
 But, a lot of the time, I just try to capture the essence of a character, especially when the costume is 'street-clothes.' When I was She-Hulk for SDCC 2014, I know I'm not a 7ft tall buff lawyer, but I channeled her confidence and it really showed through and people finally caught on 'Oh hey, it's Jennifer Walters, watch out, awesome lawyer coming through.'

How did you learn to sew? What is your favourite thing you've made?
I am primarily a self-taught seamstress. My mom handed me a scrap of fabric with a square drawn on it, and walked me through how to sew it, and how to not run my fingers over at age 12. At age 16 I bought myself some fashion dolls, and started to sew clothes for them. I then quickly moved on to costumes. The first not costume piece I made for myself was a circle skirt. I then decided to go and take fashion design classes, after ignoring my mom suggesting I do so since I graduated High School.
My favorite me-made thing changes with every new thing I make! If I had to choose, my blouse for last years Sew for Victory sew-a-long. It's super comfy, and I wear it a lot.
As for costumes, Lt. Uhura from TOS Star Trek.

Photo credit: Scott Sebring/Batfriend

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  1. Awesome interview, ladies! I'm a huge fan of both of you and your blogs and adored seeing you chat here today. Three big cheers for blogger to blogger interviews like this.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you again for the feature, Helen. I had a BLAST answering your questions! Now I want to go and work on some future costumes, haha!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

  3. I am such a fan of Carla's blog! It's so sweet and so incredibly creative! I love her passion for all of things things she does!

    Also, LOVE blogger interview series on blogs! They are a great way to learn about bloggers, as well as offer new blogs to people! Keep it up!


  4. I always wondered where the name of Carla's blog came from, What a charming story and great questions.

  5. Lovely to see Carla on your blog and read more about her. She is a talented lady, and so sweet too!

  6. What a great lady! I know her from Instagram but I don't know her blog so well ...