Waiting for Spring

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Wollaton Hall

My brother came to stay for a few days recently, and while we were looking for somewhere to go we thought of Wollaton Hall as my brother wasn't with us the last time we visited. We went around the museum again, and had a little bit of a walk around the grounds, but the site is absolutely huge so I'm hoping I'll be able to visit again in the summer and explore a bit more.

Floral outfit via lovebirds vintage

Waiting for Spring

Dress - Primark, old | Cardigan - Marks and Spencer | Scarf and tights - High street somewhere
Beret - Knit by me | Boots - Charity shop | Gloves - Vintage, gift | Coat seen in later photos - Primark, couple of years ago

I wore one of my favourite modern dresses for the visit - it's so stretchy and comfortable and works almost all year round, on it's own in summer or layered for the winter.

George The Gorilla

This splendid fellow is George the Gorilla, who has been on display at the museum since 1926 - my mum also remembers him as one of her fondest memories of visiting the museum as a child and so we were pleased to see he's still in residence at the hall.

The Perfect Size For Croquet

This flamingo is in one of their Natural History galleries - my brother described it as being 'the perfect size for croquet'.


An orang-utan skeleton...


This moose reminds me of Return To Oz - has anyone else seen that movie? I remember it from childhood but I think my family though I'd gone mad when I tried to describe it. Here is a screen shot showing the moose head in action, in case anyone else thinks I'm dotty.

This time I also made sure to get some photos with the phone and the radio which you may remember seeing from my last post from Wollaton. I'm not going to lie, there were rather a lot of these photos because I can't resist an old phone, but I restrained myself from posting them all! The radio even plays 1940s music and news.

Hello, operator?

Call Me

Lastly since it is now March, I'd like to thank everyone that sponsored Lovebirds Vintage during February and to remind you that if you have a blog, business, or service and would like to advertise with, sponsor, or otherwise work with me this month, you can find all the details here. Sidebar advertising is still only $3/£1.99 for a month and it's very easy to place your advert. Please feel free to email me at the usual address (found under the 'Contact' tab at the top of the page) to discuss options or for further information.

See you all soon!

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  1. Great post, can't believe how long your hair looks! You look like your making an important call, an look very like agent Carter. ;)

    1. Yes it is, nearly time for another cut I think. I suppose the photos kind of are a bit agent Carter-esque as well!

  2. I love Return to Oz! It's so dark and I'm still a bit frightened of the Wheelers.

  3. Very, very pretty outfit. Green + purple + brown is such a captivatingly lovely colour palette and you've really done it justice with this classic, beautiful ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Very cute! I love the green and purple together, that's a great combo. That first photo of you on the phone is really adorable - I love the expression on your face.

  5. I remember Return to Oz, especially Tick Tock and the Wheelers. I remember being part freaked out and part impressed about all those heads in the glass cupboards so that she could have anew face or hair whenever she wanted.