Sugar High

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Disclaimer: These products were provided free of charge by Salons Direct for review purposes. All opinions are my own, and you can read my full disclosure policy here

orly sugar high spring 2015 via lovebirds vintage 
I was recently contacted by a representative of Salons Direct, a supplier of professional salon supplies, to see if I would like to review some products for them. They were kind enough to send me three nail polishes from the new ORLY Spring 2015 collection, "Sugar High".

The three polishes are shown in the photo above. Left to right they are "Candy Shop" (mauve creme), "Cake Pop" (white pink creme), and "Key Lime Twist" (lime green creme).

orly candy shop spring 2015 via lovebirds vintage

I tried out Candy Shop first. The colour is a really pretty mid purple which reminds me of hydrangeas. It's a little bit darker than it appears in the photo above (closer to the colour as seen in the first photo). The polish applies really nicely and is touch dry in about a minute or so, which is really great for impatient people like me. In the above photo I'm wearing two coats of the polish with no base or top coat, although the colour is reasonably opaque after just one coat. I wore this for around two days before it got chipped while I was doing some housework, but I think I could extend the wear time by using my usual base and top coat and being a bit more careful when working with my hands.

Cake Pop

The second polish I tried was Cake Pop. This colour was fairly opaque after two coats, but really benefited from a third coat to help even out the colour and get the full effect. It's definitely more on the white side than I was expected (I think it looks more pinkish in the bottle), although I think "white pink" is an accurate description of the colour. I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but I feel like Candy Shop has a slightly smoother finish and faster drying time than Cake Pop. The first time I wore this, it started to chip and peel a bit when I washed my hair - in the spirit of giving it a fair trial, I tried it for a second time and I'm glad I did, because I got a comfortable three days' wear out of the polish, and could have managed at least another day if I'd wanted to. Again, I wore it without a base or top coat, which would also extend the wear time. Overall I'm very happy with this polish, and can see it getting a lot of use this Spring and into the Summer.

key lime twist orly sugar high spring 2015 collection via lovebirds vintage

Lastly I tried out Key Lime Twist. This is a really interesting fluorescent light green, which, like Cake Pop, was alright after two coats but really benefited from a third coat for maximum opacity. The colour is brighter than it appears in the above photo (again, the first photo shows the colour the best) but I can't for the life of me get the lighting in this photo to resemble the lighting in the others, despite it being taken under the exact same light, which is a shame because this colour deserves to be seen! Although it's probably not a colour I would have chosen for myself, I was really excited when it arrived because it just so happens that I have a new vintage dress (which I am saving until some warmer weather arrives) that will match really well with this nail polish. The drying time was very fast, like with the other polishes, and so far I've been wearing this for around two days.

The bottles are a great design with little ball bearings inside to mix the polish and a rubberised grip on the lid which is very comfortable to use and feels high quality. I'm torn between the pink and the purple by way of a favourite shade, but I do anticipate the pink shade (Cake Pop) getting a lot of use as I often wear lighter pink colours which match with a range of outfits.

Thanks again to Salons Direct for working with me!.

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  1. Oohhh, what charmingly pretty, springtime perfect hues! This is a brand that I'm familiar with, but haven't tried before, so I was all the more eager to read your review on these three beautiful polishes. I'd definitely aim to give them a try now.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* It's uber rare for my nail polish to last more than three days, no matter how diligent I am with base and/or top coats, so you're not alone there.

  2. Nice sharing. Looking so beautiful. We netSalon thanks to you for amazing post.