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Museum 1950s Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

Last week I attended the opening of the new nature gallery at the museum. It was a really great evening with lots to see; I had a great time. I didn't take too many pictures as I was too busy looking at things, but I did get my mum to snap me a couple of outfit photos before we left. There were people walking in between us all the time we were trying to take the photos, so you'll forgive me for looking a little wooden!

I wore a new 1950s dress and added my bird skull necklace in honour of the natural history theme. This is the dress that reminds me of the dress worn by my grandmother here (fourth photo). Obviously it isn't exactly the same, but it makes the dress feel a little more special.

A small warning before we go any further - there are photos in this blog post of me holding a giant millipede and a snake, so if you're phobic of that kind of thing then feel free to leave. There are three more photos before we get to the first one with the millie :)

Museum 1950s Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

Lepidoptera display

Museum 1950s outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

Banded Millipede

Some of the other staff from the university were at the gallery doing some invertebrate handling... I of course jumped on the opportunity to get acquainted with the gorgeous banded millipede which is new to the uni's collection. Such a total cutie.

Hognose Snake

I also had a go at holding this hognose snake which belonged to another company doing animal handling. I was really taken with her as you can see.

Museum 1950s outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

This last photo is inspired by this blog post by Sara of Lilies and Remains and this picture from Solanah of Vixen Vintage's instagram. I feel like my attempt is a poor imitation, but something about the images really spoke to me. I think I may try again to capture a better recreation when the museum is a bit less busy. I'm sure people thought we were a bit mad as I was trying to instruct my mum in how to use my camera whilst posing with my back to the shot. 

Dress and handbag- 1950s vintage (Ebay and Etsy respectively) | Cardigan - Tesco (previous season)
| Shoes - Deichmann (old) | Stockings - What Katie Did | Necklace - birthday gift from a friend a few years ago | Moonstone ring - used to belong to my mum

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  1. I often think many people think I'm mad if they happen to cross my path while taking photos... and I've definitely also had a few instances where I've had my back to the camera at such moments too! Let them think what they like ;) This dress is really lovely - it almost has something modern about it, which is no bad thing at all. I don't own any grey dresses apart from a shift for work, and now I want one! CC x

  2. Your dress is so pretty! I think polka dots look nothing short of elegant when done up in this colour palette. How sweet that this dress is akin to one your grandma owned. Aww!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. It looks like such a lovely outing. We only have 2 museums in my town and 1 of them is closed during the winter. Come on summer!!! I have to thank you for your warnings about the bug picture. Snakes and millipedes don't bother me but spiders on the other hand illicit an uncontrollable and usually violent reaction. I broke my first iPhone by accidently throwing it across a room when a spider pic popped up on my Facebook feed. So, I really appreciate the heads up.

    She Knits in Pearls