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vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage

Coat, scarf, jumper, socks and skirt - all Primark | Gloves - vintage, gift
Bag - vintage, Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair | Boots and brooch - charity shop

Recently I've been out several times with my camera, only to find that I've left the memory card at home. Because I use my camera so often, I've a tendency to plug the card into my computer and then forget to put it back into my camera later on. I'm definitely going to buy a second memory card to keep in my camera case so that I've always got one with me!

Fortunately thanks to modern technology, I'm still able to take photos on my phone, although my phone camera is only 2 megapixels so obviously not the best quality.

These (phone) photos were taken one afternoon recently when we went for a potter about the shops for something to do. My boots as you can see have been mended - I am so lucky to have access to a proper cobbler to do all my shoe repairs as the prices are cheaper than at a heel bar, the work is very good quality and I also trust them to do a good job on my vintage shoes.

vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage

Winter is probably my least favourite time of year, at least as far as getting dressed goes, because for the last few years I haven't really felt like I've got an adequate winter wardrobe - although this year has been the best for a while. I really dislike layering for warmth (as opposed to layering for the look of it) because I find it really uncomfortable, but I do at least try to make sure I'm wearing a few layers to keep warm. One little tip I have if you prefer to wear seamed stockings is to layer a pair of tights underneath your stockings - that way you still get the look of having the seams, but it is warmer than just wearing one pair of stockings on their own.

vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage

Hopefully next time I take my camera out anywhere I will actually remember my memory card and not have to rely on my phone! Perhaps I should make a late New Years Resolution to try and be less forgetful.

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  1. I'm always looking for a proper cobbler. I love my vintage shoes too much to hand them over to someone who doesn't know what they are doing :( That trick with tights is genius! Although I live in Australia it does rain a lot in winter. That means if you are wearing thin tights your legs get cold and wet all day :( I love your outfit too, it's so cute and wintery, if only it were winter here instead of the heat!

  2. I have exactly the same problem, leaving my memory card in my computer! For a few years now, I have kept a 2gb card in my purse as I usually always have that with me! Handy tip 😉

    1. I'm definitely going to do that as soon as I have some spare cash to buy one!

  3. Very elegant outfit. I love the way you've draped your scarf over one shoulder. It instantly makes me think of a many a super chic suit wearing 1950s model who sported one the same way in fashion magazines like Harper's and Vogue back in the day.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I hate it when I do that! Or I'll forget the battery in the charger. So annoying.
    Lovely outfit, the blue is absolutely smashing on you. I really like the way you've styled it - as Jessica said in the comment above, the way you've draped your scarf is really elegant. The practical touch with the shoes is nice as well, it's great to see you don't always have to deal with heels to look pretty and pulled together.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  5. Ohhh nothing more annoying than when that happens - haaate it! I love your coat!