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freddies of pinewood via lovebirds vintage

freddies of pinewood via lovebirds vintage

freddies of pinewood via lovebirds vintage

freddies of pinewood via lovebirds vintage

freddies of pinewood via lovebirds vintage

Jeans - Freddies of Pinewood | T-shirt - Primark (old) | Cardigan - Tesco (last year) 
Belt - borrowed off a skirt | Shoes - Primark | Necklace - made it myself years ago

I feel like I've been pretty good with my shopping so far this new year. I've bought a few bits but I haven't spent all my money just yet, and everything that I've bought has been a gap-filler of some description. One of the first things I purchased after Christmas was a pair of jeans from Freddies of Pinewood. These are the Pearl Grey Button Jeans which are currently on sale.

I've had my eye on a pair of Freddies for a ridiculous amount of time, and have come close to buying a pair more than once, but I must admit that I was a bit worried about what size to choose. I watched their sizing video and measured myself up but with the fit being so different to modern jeans, I was still concerned that I might manage to choose the wrong ones. In the end I went for their size 24s, which are supposed to correspond to a UK size 8. My actual waist measurement (taken just below the ribs, as they instruct you to do) is 25", but I hoped that the jeans would give a little over time (which is something that they also mention in their sizing information). However, I needn't have worried as they fit me perfectly.

I've worn these jeans almost every day since they arrived and I'm thinking about buying another pair soon (I think I'll get blue ones as I'm sure they'll be useful). They're incredibly flattering even if you're not into a retro look as the high waist sits at the narrowest part of your body and therefore emphasises your curves without a muffin top in sight. They also fit very nicely in the back, without any sagging or weird creasing to the bottom as I've noticed can sometimes happen with modern low rise jeans.

Oh, and this is location number 39 on my list of 50 awesome (vintage) outfit photo shoot locations - I am really enjoying having my list and Jessica's to refer to so I hope I can continue to use some new and interesting locations throughout the year.

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  1. SO cute! I'm still agonizing over if they will fit me, too, but this helps me to know you like them and how they fit!

  2. This Fredies look fabulous on you and seam so practical and comfy :)

    Beta x

  3. Ooohh, I adore these grey Freddies jeans. I hope that they continue to stock them and that I can add a pair to my closest some day, too.

    I really like this fun, causal classic look, dear gal. It's perfect for winter and spring when layers and heavy materials like denim are a must.

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I ADORE Freddies! Actually, I'm wearing a pair right now! And can't wait to purchase another pair!

    Like you, my waist is an odd number, though I opted to size up, figuring I would want to be comfortable. Though I think the next time I buy I will order a size down, as, over a period of time, they do stretch, though it is a long time!

    The grey is marvelous and you look adorable!


  5. You look stunning in them!! I'm slightly agonizing over how I'd fit into a pair of Freddies, given the huge gap of my waist and hip sizes. I think I'll watch the sizing vids a few hundred times first.

    1. It is difficult because of the way their sizing works; I agonized over it for ages before deciding to take the plunge. There is a 9 inch difference between my waist and hip measurements if that helps at all.

  6. I currently don't wear jeans as I am not that fond of denim but these look great on you and may tempt me to reconsider!