New for 2015: Advertise with Lovebirds Vintage

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Starting this January 2015, you can now place sidebar adverts here on Lovebirds Vintage. I have a range of options available, so if you have a blog, website, Etsy shop, or other business which you think would appeal to readers of Lovebirds Vintage, you can find full details of advertising opportunities here.

I will also be running a small amount of ad swaps with blogs of a similar size and genre. Please get in touch via my email if you are interested.

As well as sidebar advertising, there are also other ways of sponsoring and working with Lovebirds Vintage, which you can find details of here.

I look forward to working with some great new people this year!

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  1. Happiest New Year's wishes, darling gal!!! Here's to a fun - and vintage - filled, exciting, beautiful 2015!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I have now officially gone through your whole blog :D from start to finish. And I'm a huge fan. Can't wait what new things you come up this year. I'm especially waiting to see some of your re-enactment posts. Happy New Year!
    Rhia from

    1. That's amazing, congratulations for getting all the way through!