How to Add your Photos from Flikr to Blogger

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How to add photos from Flikr to Blogger

When I take photos for my blog, I like them to be of the highest quality I can achieve. I shoot using a Canon EOS 1100D and the standard 18-35mm lens, and although it's not the most expensive DSLR available, it's quality is a huge improvement on my old compact holiday snap camera. I'm gradually working on improving my photography skills, and I'd love to upgrade some of my kit in the future, but although I can produce photos of a standard that I'm happy with, my hard work is often for nothing as the quality is completely ruined when I upload the photos to Blogger.

One way of improving the quality of your uploads is to upload the photos to Flikr rather than Blogger, and then transfer them to your blog post. When I first looked into how to do this, I found that a lot of the instructions available on other websites are outdated, as Flikr no longer supports sharing directly to Blogger. 

If you try to share your photos by connecting to Blogger through the 'Sharing and Extending' tab of your Flikr account, you will find that Blogger no longer appears on the list of available sites:

How to add photos from Flikr to Blogger

Similarly if you try to upload from Flikr by grabbing the URL and then choosing to upload from a URL on the Blogger uploading tool, you simply get an error message in return:

How to add photos from Flikr to Blogger

The only way to actually get your photos from Flikr into your blog post is to grab the HTML code for the photo you want to use, like this:

How to add photos from Flikr to Blogger

First, click on the sharing option next to your photo, then select the option for HTML as shown above. Make sure that you click on the drop-down menu and select the option for original size, as I've done here. If your photos need to be a specific size - for example mine are always 650px wide in order to fit with my blog layout -  then you need to resize them before you upload them to Flikr. Lastly, make sure you select the option at the bottom of the window for HTML, not for embedding. Then, copy the code which is generated.

The next thing to do is change from 'Compose' to 'HTML' by clicking the option on the toolbar at the top of your blog post:

How to add photos from Flikr to Blogger

Then you can paste in the HTML code which you copied from Flikr:

How to add photos from Flikr to Blogger

When you return to 'Compose' mode, your photo will appear as a picture which you can then edit as normal  - e.g. change the justification, change the size if you wish, add a caption or alt text etc using this little toolbar:

How to add photos from Flikr to Blogger

I still have a few blog posts scheduled from before I figured out how to add my photos from Flikr (I messed around for ages trying to follow outdated instructions from elsewhere) but you can bet I'll be using this entirely from now on, as the poor quality of the Blogger uploader has been a real bugbear of mine for ages!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, I've been wondering how to do this for ages. Finally I can post decent pictures!

    1. I'm glad it was useful, I can't wait to see the results. It makes a huge difference to the quality.