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vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage

Jumper - Tesco, old | Scarf - gift | Skirt - 1970s vintage | Tights - M&S, old 
Socks - Primark, old | Boots - Charity shop find | Brooch - Christmas present from Ell 

This is the first post after my tutorial for adding photos from Flikr to Blogger in which the photos I've used have actually been added using the technique (had the previous one already scheduled). I'm over the moon at how much better the photos look.

Tissington looks so lovely in the snow, doesn't it?


vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage


vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage

vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage

My mum took the above photo of me - I was a little bit leery of the horse's teeth, they were super huge!

vintage outfit via lovebirds vintage


My boot broke right before I left the house - see the ring missing in the middle? - so I hope the cobbler will be able to fix them for me, they're pone of my most-worn pars of shoes. I'm hoping to have more time this year to search for boots at vintage fairs. Like many other ladies if Google is to be believed, I dislike boots with zips. I have owned pairs in the past, but they usually cause me to trip since I walk with my feet pretty close together. I have been known to bruise or cut my own ankles even in shoes without zips. A black pair of boots would be super useful if I can find one, anyway!

Tissington Hall

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  1. Awww, what a darling horse! I've always wanted to do a shoot with one myself - and all the more so because we have wild horses in Penticton (one of the few places in Canada where they still reside - though of course don't mean with one of them. They're anything but tame and it wouldn't be wise to get that close unless one approached you - and then I'd still be very careful. I mean with a domesticated equine model, that is. :)

    What a wonderful outfit! I love the classic checkered pattern and great midi to longer length of your skirt. I tend to reach for similarly long ones myself all winter. It's just too cold not to try and have multiple layers on as much of your legs as possible during this time of the year.

    Have a splendid weekend, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. That horse is so massive and lovely! I want to find a horse and pose for photos near it now!
    Your outfit is lovely! It's such a winter outfit, without being a winter outfit, ya know?

    I hope you get your boot fixed up alright!