50 more awesome (vintage) outfit photo shoot locations

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50 more awesome (vintage) outfit photo shoot locations

Recently Jessica of Chronically Vintage compiled a list of 52 awesome (vintage) outfit photo shoot locations. I'm constantly trying to think of new and different locations for my photos, and I was feeling very inspired by Jessica's list so I contacted her via Twitter to ask if it would be okay if I wrote my own. Since she was happy for me to do so, here is my list of 50 more awesome (vintage) outfit photo shoot locations. 

1. In the sea (in an appropriate outfit, of course!)

2. In the woods

3. In a public park

4. On a picnic (don't forget your picnic hamper!)

5. In front of a shed (bring out your inner landgirl)

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

6. In a vintage or antiques store (ask permission first)

7. At a lake

8. At a party (showcase your outfit at the event you actually wore it for)

9. At a café or coffee shop

10. At a historic landmark such as a castle or stately home

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations 
11. In front of a florists

12. At a nature trail or wildlife reserve

13. At a museum or art gallery (ask permission first)

14. On a bridge (especially a pretty or extra small one, for example at a garden)

15. In a shopping centre

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

16. At a small village

17. At a theme park or similar attraction

18. At a hotel or other holiday accommodation (make use of your hotel room, pool, hallways, bar, frontage of the building etc)

19. On your porch, verandah or decking

20. In front of a church or in a churchyard

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

21. In front of a wall with graffiti or a mural

22. In the kitchen (show us your baking skills)

23. In a hedge or corn maze (a bit Alice in Wonderland inspired, perhaps?)

24. At a fairground

25. In or in front of a telephone kiosk

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

26. In a pumpkin patch

27. At a restaurant

28. At a drive-in movie

29. With your bicycle (especially if it's vintage or vintage-style)

30. In front of a fireplace (especially nice if the fire is lit)

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

31. In a greenhouse

32. With a pile of vintage suitcases/vanity cases etc

33. In the doorway of an interesting building

34. On a park bench

35. In a retro diner or milkshake parlour

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

36. Make your own backdrop with some pretty fabric and shoot indoors (ideal for cold or wet days if you have some lights)

37. On or with an old or ornate armchair

38. In front of some old signage

39. Sitting or climbing on a fence

40. In some fallen leaves during Autumn

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

41. In front of or inside an old tram, train or bus (or perhaps a yellow school bus or even a taxi cab)

42. At a botanical or Japanese garden (giant leaves, anyone?)

43. On a swing

44. In front of a log pile

45. In front of a garage door

50 more awesome vintage outfit photo shoot locations

46. In a butterfly house

47. In the middle of a road (preferably a quiet country road or similar with little traffic)

48. In a lavender patch

49. At a sculpture park

50. In front of a window (be careful of the light)

Like Jessica, I've tried to bear in mind a variety of different living situations so that hopefully there's something on the list which would be accessible to you no matter whether you're in the city or countryside, or somewhere in between. I've decided to make this year the time to really work on my photography, and one of the things I'll be trying to improve is my selection of locations. No more back garden photos, I've done it to death! I'll definitely be referring to this list and Jessica's for ideas in the coming months. 

There are several locations on this list that I haven't had the chance to use yet, so that gives me something to work towards. Thanks to Jessica for the original idea!

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  1. These are fantastic ideas and I was rather surprised to find out how many locations I have already "utilized". I am dreaming of a visit to butterfly house, it would be awesome to take photos with all the pretty butterflies.
    Sometimes living in a big-ish city makes taking photos abit boring. Where we live there is not that much photogenic locations to take photos. So mostly it's just the hallway of our apartment building or in our own home. (And no, our kitchen is not doable :D although I have done that too )

  2. Great list, and great accompanying photos! I really love the 20s style photo (seriously, you look straight out of Downton Abbey) and your Teddy girl look by the phone booth.
    Jessica, zellamaybe.com

  3. This list is sooo fantastic!!! I love how many practical, easy to come by spots you included. I rarely think about shooting indoors, as we have almost no natural light and very small rooms in our little condo, but that is certainly not the case for everyone out there by any means and it's so great that you listed some indoor spots like the kitchen at home, and then others like cafes and restaurants that any of us can avail of.

    I will be adding many of these to my "to shot at" list for 2015 and beyond. Thank you so much for contributing scores more fabulous ideas to this rapidly growing list for all of us to avail of and for the wonderfully kind mention here. You rock, sweet gal!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. No problem at all, thank you for posting the original list and allowing me to contribute some of my own ideas! x

  4. This list and Jessica's has given me some great ideas!

  5. Thanks for that! Inspiration is always needed!