2014 In Review

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Last year I put together a little run down of my favourite outfits for each month. 2014 for me has been very different to 2013 - I spent most of the year working really hard towards my Masters degree so I was left with very little time for my usual leisure activities. Despite this I somehow managed to blog more than I had done the previous year. While 2014 was difficult for me in a lot of ways, I'm astonished by some of the things I have managed to achieve - I've done a little more travelling by myself and have put myself forward to give seminars and presentations on my research, both of which are activities which I don't find easy.

I'll try and keep everything short and sweet for this year - just a brief look at a few outfits and I'll skip over any lengthy descriptions!

Christmas day, a new fur coat, a Steampunk-themed science event at university.

Easter, something more modern, one of my favourite outfits from the whole year.
June was a good month, with lots of my favourite blog posts of the year.

A return to dressing "properly" (i.e. not having to wear practical work clothes), red velvet, and a trip to the beautiful Newstead Abbey.


Clichéd blogger-posing-with-pumpkin post, bringing some glamour with Bésame cosmetics and a review of some gorgeous shoes.


P.S. I am featured in the January 2015 issue of Vintage Life Magazine (their 50th issue!) so be sure to check it out. I'm on the last page before the back cover.

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  1. My favourite outfit is june, it's so lovely! It's so interesting to see how style changes through the seasons too :)

  2. I can't pick. They are all great outfits! Woohoo for being featured!

  3. You look lovely on all of them. I think March had to be my favorite though, because steampunk! Congratulationson your magazine feature, that sounds really exciting.

    1. I really enjoyed that event, I should definitely try steampunk more often!

  4. Great round up! And congrats on the magazine feature! I have yet to get my hands on a copy of Vintage Life! One day!