The Long Overdue Sew For Victory Success

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Earlier this year I took part in the Sew For Victory challenge organised by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille. It was, not to put too fine a point on it, a disaster. Although I eventually managed to finish the dress I'd chosen I really didn't like the way it ended up looking, and there were enough problems with it to render the dress essentially unwearable. If you're interested in reading more about my problems and seeing a photo of the ugly finished article, you can do so here. I was really pleased with a couple of aspects of the construction, specifially how neatly and successfully I managed to put in the zip considering it was my first time I'd attempted to do so.

Since the original dress was unwearable (and also totally yuck), someone (I forget who, sorry!) suggested that I de-construct the dress  and turn it into something else. Which is, eventually, exactly what I've done.

Behold my finished, wearable, and way prettier skirt:

lovebirds vintage

Top - Matalan (old) | Skirt - Made by me | Ring - Old, high street somewhere 
Shoes - Late 50s vintage, gift from my auntie

Now, it's a little rough around the edges, so don't look too closely. But considering what I had to work with, and that I also didn't use a pattern (I just altered the skirt of the original dress), I'm pretty happy. Sadly my beautiful zip had to come out and I didn't bother to replace it - the back is just closed now with snaps and a hook and eye at the top. It's definitely a summer skirt too, by the way, and it was just far too cold to venture outside to take any photos of it!

I'm completely self-taught with sewing, apart from a bit of help from other people in learning how to actually work a sewing machine. It's slightly slow progress, but it's progress nonetheless. I've a few simple modern patterns to try at some point, which I hope I will have more luck with than sewing from a vintage pattern as they seem easier to follow.

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  1. I'm self-taught, too, and it can be slow progress, but you did an amazing job on this skirt! Refashioning, in my opinion, is a lot harder than making something from scratch, so extra kudos!

  2. Definitely, it was worth. You have a beautiful skirt when good weather returns. It looks so elegant!

  3. I have just brought a dress pattern, new done any sewing before ( apart from a cross stitch when I was around 10). Well done for having a go and I definitely think you should continue! This looks so good for a first try, think how good the 10th will be :) x

  4. Great job! I think you have a gift for sewing considering you refashioned and didn't have a pattern. Again well done!!