6 of My Current Picks of Retro Red* Lipsticks

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(*Okay, and a couple of pink ones, I guess).

I really like using lipsticks which cover a range of prices - I have cheaper ones which I use for everyday, and more expensive ones which get saved for special occasions. Here are some which I use most days, or which I have been grabbing for recently. There's a huge difference in price between the cheapest and most expensive. My most used from this selection is probably the Max Factor (#3), it's such a perfect vintage-y shade for everyday.

I've been wearing a lot of more purple-y and brown-toned shades for this Autumn/Winter, but I decided to stick with reds and pinks for my list:

6 retro lipsticks for any budget via lovebirds vintage

6 retro lipsticks for any budget via lovebirds vintage

Under £5

1) Laval Moisturising Lipstick in Evening Red, £0.95 - glossy, semi-sheer bright red which layers to form a slightly more opaque texture

2) W7 Fashion The Reds Lipstick in Chestnut, £3.95  - glossy opaque dark burgundy red

Under £10

3) Max Factor Colour Collections Lipstick in Rosewood, £6.99  - demi-matte rose pink

4) Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Hollywood Red, £6.99 - dark rose pink, slightly glossy

Under £30

5) Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Retrofuturist, £12.99 - highly pigmented and very opaque true red

6) Bésame Cosmetics 1945 American Beauty Lipstick, £22.00 - demi-matte blue-based red

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  1. Oh the color for number 2 is simply gorgeous! I think I'll ask a friend to be on the look out for me, and send it over.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite lipsticks! I find it really cute how the different tubes are shaped.

  2. I love seeing what red lipsticks people use, I feel that no matter what people say you can never have too many. I have my eye on the Besame lipstick, they just look so beautiful and have amazing shades.

    1. They're really nice and very high quality, well worth it if you can get your hands on one. The only downside imo is the price, as you can see they're a lot more expensive than I would normally pay for a lipstick.

  3. Very pretty choices! The swatch on your arm reminds me of a paint chip with different colours - any one of which would rock as an actual paint hue, too. :)

    ♥ Jessica