That which holds the image of an Angel

by - 07:30

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  1. Beautiful photos! English cemeteries look wonderfully spooky with all of the ivy crawling over the tombstones. I don't have it in me to take photos in a cemetery - I tried once but felt too spooked...maybe it was all of the grave angels that did it, I always find them to be quite creepy - but beautiful all the same.

  2. Beautiful photos and a wonderfully enchanted cemetary (Swiss ones are comparably boring, they are very rigorous here and annihilate all gravesites older than 25 years).

  3. Great photos, I love a stroll around a cemetery, we have some good ones locally that have some super little buildings of architectural interest as well as all of the angels, towers and other tomb markers. P x

  4. Great photos! I love old cemeteries too, such decadence! And your outfit is marvelous too.