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Last week my brother and I headed out to Ed's Easy Diner for milkshakes and of course a few photos. We had a butterscotch shake, just one between the two of us. It worked out at about a glass and a half each so one to share is fine if you don't want a whole milkshake each. It was really good and we'll definitely be going back to try some of their other milkshakes.  

I wore this dress from Lady V London which kind of reminds me of a 50s diner waitress. Sadly the lighting in the diner wasn't the best for photos so these pictures don't show off the dress as well as I had hoped. I will try to get some more photos another time in a location with better lighting!

We really loved the decor and music. There are also mini jukeboxes on some of the tables which we didn't try out this time, but all the money goes to charity so we might give it a go when we visit again.

If you just wanted to see pictures from the diner, stop here. If you'd like to read a quick review of the dress, carry on reading!

This is the 'Isabella' dress in black and red from Lady V London. It's currently on sale at £35 with £3.95 delivery, and is available in sizes UK 8-18 at the time of writing (Lady V London do offer larger sizes, but this dress is sold out in sizes 20 and above). The dress is 97% cotton and 3% elastane so has a slight stretch. I wear a size 8 and although the waist looked like it might be a bit big for me when I consulted the size chart, I actually found the fit of the dress to be pretty much spot on. Lady V London clothes are made in London, which was one of the deciding factors for me when purchasing. -I like to support companies which manufacture in this country if possible. The dress comes with a removable bow, which I will discuss a little more further down.
One slight niggle for me is that the dresses are described on the website as 'vintage dresses', which I think is a bit misleading for those who are new to this style of clothing. For reference, just in case anyone is reading this who isn't sure - vintage dresses are original dresses made in the past (either 1960s and older or 1980s and older depending who you ask). Lady V London produces what I would describe as being vintage reproduction or vintage style dresses - i.e. modern, brand new dresses which are designed in a 1950s style.

There is a size chart provided on the website so you can select the right size according to your measurements. From my own experience with this dress, I'd say that it runs true to size.

I'd say that Lady V London dresses are a really good price, especially if you can pick up items on sale. Even at full price, there are a lot of items on offer which are cheaper than a lot of other reproduction brands. I am happy to pay Lady V London prices for "everyday" dresses.

Overall I am really pleased with the quality of this dress. The material and fit are both very nice and the full skirt sits nicely without a petticoat (though adding a petticoat would really show off the shape well). The only aspect I would consider changing is the bow. Although I like the idea of having a removable bow, the bow itself is attached to a small safety pin which didn't seem to do the job very well. I found it difficult and fiddly to use and I would have preferred to have had the bow on a proper brooch pin.

Since I don't imagine I'll want to remove the bow at all, I've taken the safety pin off and stitched the bow in place on the front of the dress. If you're likely to want the option of wearing the dress with or without the bow, you might wish to replace the safety pin with something a bit more substantial.

I like all the styles currently available from Lady V London and I feel they would all blend well with both wardrobes that are primarily vintage in nature and wardrobes which are a more pin-up or rockabilly style.

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  1. You look wonderful in this alluring red and black frock! I am madly in love with Lady V's dresses!!! To date, I only own one, because with the currency exchange, shipping (and the fact that they offer virtually no shipping discount on multiple items, so each item I ordered from them would cost me about $20 Canadian to ship - crazy, I know!), and import costs, they come it at around at least $100 a pop. Not completely unreasonable, but a fair investment for someone on a modest budget. That said, I do very much hope to add more to my wardrobe as time goes on and would love it if some (more?) North American online repro/pin-up shops started carrying this gorgeous line.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That is a beautiful outfit in a great place!! I just adore old diners, or at least places that have themes like that.

  3. Great review and this place looks so good to visit and sit for à while ;)


  4. I visited an Ed's Diner for lunch a few weeks ago, it's a fun place. I spent way too much on the jukebox.
    I like your dress, it suits the setting perfectly.

  5. Super cute outfit for such a fun place:)