If Betty Grable was born in the 1990s

by - 16:22

Dress - Peacocks (few years old) | Denim jacket - Tesco (old) | Shoes - high street 

Today I have to go and work in the lab at uni again so my choice of outfit is influenced by that. I usually like to wear something simple and comfortable so that it's practical and allows ease of movement, and I avoid vintage just in case my clothes get messed up. I do wear a lab coat so there shouldn't be any problem, but I work with a lot of messy substances so I prefer not to risk it.

I have a couple of these stretchy dresses which I get a lot of wear out of when I need something comfortable and easy to wear. They're great for travelling too! I wore these white shoes to pop out first thing in the morning, but I will have to change them before I go to uni because open toed shoes aren't really allowed in the lab for safety reasons.

My hair looks pretty modern today, I think, in a rockabilly kind of way. The back ended up straighter than I had intended because I took it out while it was still a bit wet, but the front is inspired by a photo of Betty Grable that I was looking at earlier. I don't usually bother setting my hair for working in the lab, I just wear it straight - but perhaps this is what Betty Grable might have looked like had she been born the same year as me.

This is the first time I have tried this particular placement of rolls, but I will definitely revisit it another time when I am able to dress 40s and set the back of my hair properly!

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  1. I LOVE the rolls! They look fabulous! And I've tried that look, so I KNOW it can be tricky to get everything lined up so well!

  2. Love love love !
    The rolls looks fabulous darling :)



  3. That's an awesome concept! I think that one (or multiple people) could easily do a series of shoots (and perhaps even a book, if it was a large scale project) based on what famous yesteryear stars might look like if they were around today and/or born in different eras.

    Great outfit and idea, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. great rolls! actually i never have time to set my hair ... i can create rolls easily but to curl my hair is really hard. so i go with a mix of vintage and modern/straight hair most of the time ...

  5. Love your rolls, they look so smooth and neat. That's always my bug-bear; smoothing down the fly-aways. (^ ^)"

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  6. From top to bottom you look fabulous!