Finished Project: Date Maker Cardigan

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1930s via lovebirds vintage

date maker cardigan via lovebirds vintage

date maker cardigan via lovebirds vintage

While I didn't bring much vintage on holiday with me, I did travel in my 30s style dress from Lady K Loves teamed up with my newly completed Date Maker cardigan.

Well, semi-completed.

Actually I still have to crochet round the edge and add a belt buckle, but I really wanted to wear it and there wasn't time to get a buckle before I went on holiday, so I will complete those last bits at some point soon.

Overall it's a pretty easy knit for someone of my level (I'd say maybe intermediate or so) but despite making a tension square, it came out a little bigger than I think it's supposed to be. I don't know why I bother checking my tension, my knitting often seems to come out bigger anyway. I think in this case it's possibly down to the yarn being too chunky (?). Anyway, I'm happy with it on the whole, and it's super warm. It's really too heavy to get a lot of wear out of it just at the moment, but I think it will be great from late summer onwards when the evenings and then the days get cold again.

I had to have some photos taken in front of this big metal thing (garage maybe?) because it reminds me of an Anderson Shelter (albeit a very large one).

date maker cardigan via lovebirds vintage

1930s via lovebirds vintage

If you want to knit your very own Date Maker, you can download the pattern for free from By Gum, By Golly.

(*Sorry the photos look fuzzy, they're fine on my computer! Grr, Blogger). 

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  1. This ensemble is ridiculous - so so amazing! You did a really fabulous job on that cardigan, but how perfect it is with your dress too? Whoa!

  2. Beautiful photographs. How fun you were able to knit your own cardigan. It goes super well with your frock:)

  3. Great cardi! I love a good chunky knit like that for the cooler months, too. It compliment your 30s style dress wonderfully. What a fabulous frock that is!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Nice outfit and I love your shoes! They look cute with those socks.

    I bought the last of those dresses but I was too lazy to return it (and they don't pay for return postage). It does fit otherwise, but for some reason the puffed sleeves look like ridiculous balloons on me. :D
    On you it looks just right. But I am going to fix the sleeves, though I'm not that great at sewing. Or maybe take it to a seamstress.

    1. Such a shame about the sleeves, I hope you can get them sorted to your liking!

  5. Oh this is darling! The fabric is just fabulous!