Suddenly, Summer

by - 10:30

summer via lovebirds vintage

Dress - Vintage | Accessories - high street/gifts | Shoes - New Look via Asos

The weather is so unpredictable at the moment. One day winter, next day summer. I can't keep up. I really hope that having some nice weather now means we won't get a bad summer later on.

I keep thinking about selling this dress but I started wearing it again and I've actually been wearing it quite a bit recently. I love sundresses for their simple stylishness; so easy to wear when the weather gets warm.

This dress is currently for sale here. I also have a few other things for sale here so go take a look! There are things in a variety of sizes and all £20 or under. I'm in desperate need of the extra wardrobe space and these items deserve to move on to a new owner.

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  1. Love that dress! You look so romantic here ...

  2. Pretty look, that dress is great on you. Are you sure you want to sell it?! I'm about 2 dress sizes bigger than you sorry so can't shop your selection!! P x

    1. Yeah, it's strictly speaking too big for me. I've had a lot of wear out of it so time for it to be passed on to someone who it would be the right size for! I have a range of items size UK 8-16 so maybe worth a look :)