Instant Land Girl, Just Add Coat

by - 10:00

land girl via lovebirds vintage
Coat - H&M | Cardigan - Primark | Blouse - borrowed from mum
Skirt - Collectif | Boots - Charity shop | Socks - Primark

land girl via lovebirds vintage

land girl via lovebirds vintage

For some reason this coat always gives me land girl vibes.


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  1. Goodness, how I love every last element of this classic outfit (agreed, the coat, and the sweater for that matter, have a definite Land Girls vibe to them). You really look marvelous, sweet dear!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I think this helps to prove my theory that you just can't go wrong with a classic mac! Fab hair, too, for the record :) CC x

  3. Classic and it works , bravo !
    Love your hair ;)



  4. Good Afternoon Helen, how are you?

    I love your look super gorgeous!

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