The Vintage Hair Net Experience: First Impressions

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Recently I won a giveaway along with several other ladies on Dividing Vintage Moments. Joanna had several vintage hair nets to give away, on the condition that the winners blogged about their experiences of using them.

My package arrived just after I got back from my recent trip to France, and I was excited to try out the hair net as soon as possible.

I wasn't quite sure what colour I would need, but Joanna had a spare one and was kind enough to send me both light and medium brown.

Here are what the packages look like from the outside. Aren't they beautiful?

 vintage hairnet experience via lovebirds vintage

And here is the back of the paper envelope. I love the perfect satisfaction guarantee!

 vintage hairnet experience via lovebirds vintage

Inside, the hair net is wrapped in tissue. I will be using the medium brown one as it matches my hair perfectly.

 vintage hairnet experience via lovebirds vintage

And here is how I decided to style my hair today - Victory rolls with my hair at the back tucked into the hair net. 

I actually found it pretty fiddly to get my hair into the hair net. The net is a different shape to the modern ones I'm used to - sort of like a pouch that sits at the back of the head in a sort of snood shape, rather than a round one which can be made to cover your whole head. At least, having fiddled with it rather a lot this morning, I think that is how they are supposed to work! 

(The modern "dinner lady" style ones are perfect for covering sets overnight though!)

Here is my hair from the back... after I had wrestled it into the hair net. I found that getting it into the hair net caused my hair to kind of flatten and separate a lot compared to how I had originally styled it, so I will try to work on improving that during future wears. If you look closely, you can just about make out the hair net, but it's practically invisible. 

Here is a close up so you can see how invisible the hair net actually is when worn. (sorry about being so up close and personal with my ear!)

 vintage hairnet experience via lovebirds vintage

Overall I am really impressed with this hair net. The hair it's made from is really strong and not at all brittle; it stood up really well to me fighting with it to get it on. It might break if you were too rough with it though, so I will try to avoid that. I also find it a little scratchy on the back of my neck compared to the modern one I am used to, which is made of what I think is probably nylon. 

It's much more glamorous for daytime wear than the modern ones I'm used to and I will definitely be using it again. 

Thank you Joanna for the lovely giveaway!


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  1. It's basically inviable!

  2. I remember my grandma wearing hairnets back in the day! They definitely work great for a vintage look!

  3. Oh this is so awesome. I can certainly see how they are tricky they are to put on, I wonder if there is a certain way to do this. Your hair looks lovely and I certainly see a 40s silhouette with your hairnet. So fun to see! Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences. I'm really enjoying seeing these reviews. Maybe next I should try it with Schiaparelli sweaters lol.

  4. How very lovely!!! This elegant hairstyle looks beautiful on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You look pretty! Loved the hairnet. It suits you :).

    Elena ♥