A Relaxed Family Sunday

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My family (myself, mum, dad, two aunties and my grandparents) had a party for my granny's birthday. I took mostly personal photos but here are a few photos of the food, and a little look at my outfit. We had devilled eggs as a starter, roasted Mediterranean vegetable lasagne and chocolate fudge cake.  

a relaxed family sunday via lovebirds vintage

devilled eggs via lovebirds vintage

lasagne via lovebirds vintage

a relaxed family sunday via lovebirds vintage

chocolate fudge cake via lovebirds vintage


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  1. You look just perfect! I WANT YOUR HAIR! Its wonderful. Like it could be 1930s, 40s 50s or even pass for 60s or 20s. How do you do that?
    Looks like a wonderful day with great company and yummy food :)


    1. Thanks! I'm improving at styling it I think, though it doesn't go right every time. I used foam rollers for this set.

  2. What a scrumptiously lovely meal! My husband would swoon over that menu, too! :)

    I adore every last thing about your look here. It's so, sooooo charming, cool, fetching, sweet, and flat out fabulous!

    ♥ Jessica