Finished Project: Knit for Victory

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knit for victory cardigan via lovebirds vintage

So Knit For Victory is over, and I just got my project finished in time. I submitted a photo of the finished article on Friday with just a few hours to spare. My project was this cosy brown cardigan which you may have seen in-progress shots of if you follow me on Facebook or if you have been part of the Knit For Victory group on Flikr. I have also knitted a matching beret (which I completed well before Knit For Victory was even announced) and I plan to wear the two as a set. 

To make this cardigan, I borrowed a pattern from my mum, which I think is a 1980s pattern. I thought the cardigan had a very classic look though, and could easily compliment a 1940s style outfit. It was very easy to knit and suitable for relative beginners (as long as you can knit well enough to complete a project of this size). I completed it almost entirely by myself, with a little help from mum when it came time to pick up the stitches to work the neck band. Now that I know how to do that, I should be able to do it on my own next time. 

knit for victory cardigan via lovebirds vintage

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that the main issue I had with this pattern was the sizing. The pattern has instructions for several sizes, and I chose to knit the size which was supposed to be for a 34" bust. I knew as I was knitting it that it was going to come out bigger than I had originally wanted, but rather than pull it down and start again, I decided to just deal with it. As you can see, the fit is okay - but not brilliant. It tends to bunch up around the bust, which can be seen in these photos, and due to the rib it is very stretchy. If I wanted to knit this pattern again, I would knit it probably at least 2 sizes down. 

The only other issue was a flaw in the wool, which created a darker patch across the front of the cardigan. It's not too bad (you can see it on the photo above, on my left hand side), but I was disappointed that the cardigan ended up being less perfect than I would have liked. 

knit for victory cardigan via lovebirds vintage

knit for victory cardigan via lovebirds vintage

knit for victory cardigan via lovebirds vintage

Because it was freezing today, I did have to wear a coat. If I'd thought about it, I might have taken the brooch off the coat in favour of having my little teddy bear brooch on my cardigan.

I am already choosing my next knitting project though I will probably take a bit of a break before starting it. If you participated in Knit For Victory as well, then I hope you enjoyed it. I will look forward to another knit along in the future.

Photos are by my dad. Don't forget you can follow me on Facebook, Bloglovin', Tumblr and now also on Pinterest.

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  1. so pretty! that's a really good color and looks nice and cozy. I use newer patterns from the last 20/30 years, too. Classic is really great

  2. Wonderful job! I love brown - really, really love it and feel that it deserves to get so much more play than it does. It brightens many complexions (my own included) more than black and goes with very nearly as many colours, while also being softer and less (potentially) imposing. Great choice of colour and pattern alike. Your new creation really looks beautiful on you, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That brooch is all kinds of darling! :)

    1. Thanks! I really do love the colour, it's almost like tweed with the darker flecks.