Outfit: Your Varsity League Sucks.

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varsity cardigan college outfit via lovebirds vintage

What's this? An outfit post? Blimey. It's been a while. 

varsity cardigan college outfit via lovebirds vintage

varsity cardigan college outfit via lovebirds vintage

Cardigan - Primark | Blouse - Matalan | Skirt - Vintage | Tights - ? | Shoes - New Look via Asos

I had my hair cut last week in preparation for my graduation ceremony which takes places in a few weeks time (although I might need it cutting again before the ceremony) and although I like this cut much better than my last one, I haven't at all figured out how to style it yet. It looks nice straight and blow dried for those days when I'm being lazy about my hair, but it will take me some time to work out how best to curl it, I think. This is actually my first attempt at setting my new hair and it looks a lot better in the pictures than it does in real life!

Anyway, we decorated up the fireplace for Christmas as you can see. I made all the paper butterflies after we saw them on a tree at Melton Mobray. I definitely didn't do it specifically to have insect-themed decorations but evidently the little critters find their way into every aspect of my life. 

See you in two days time - I'm off now to make a set of Cards Against Humanity to play with the family in the evenings. Although I think I will have to edit some of the cards to save blushes! 

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  1. I think your cardigan is cute with this outfit! My hair is in a really awkward stage right now because I'm growing it out, I tried pincurls last week and that was fun, but I wouldn't have the patience to do it all the time!

    1. Ah that awkward growing out stage is the worst, but worth it in the end! I sponge roller mine rather than pincurling as I'm not great at pincurls. It's pretty tedious, especially as I'm not used to the new set that I'm trying out, but I hope I will get quicker at it!

  2. ah, your sweater here is so cute! i love the little A varsity logo, i would love to own one of these in my closet!

    lindsey louise


  3. I like the new hair cut. It looks really cute on you :)

  4. Very charming, classic varsity sweater - I can't help but adore it all the more because it has my husband's first initial for the letter (Tony = Antonio).

    ♥ Jessica