Outfit: Thank you, Thing.

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For my Hallowe'en costume this year I decided on a character from one of my favourite television programmes, can you guess who?

Although we don't really celebrate Hallowe'en here in the same way that it's celebrated in America, it has gained a certain level of popularity and I have been to parties and events in costume for the last few years running. I'm not very bothered about Hallowe'en myself but I do really enjoy making costumes for things, so any excuse to dress up is one I'm going to take.

Keeping my hair long enough to plait for this outfit has been killing me. I like the look of it long but it's a nightmare to style; my hair becomes very unmanageable when it gets any length to it. It's still not the ideal length for the costume and obviously it isn't black but I didn't want to get a wig. Maybe another year.

Dress - Pop Boutique | Tights - Primark | Shoes - Deichmann
Photo by Stacey

On Thursday this week I am co-hosting a plaid-themed fashion link-up, so get your best plaid outfits ready and come and join in!

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  1. You nailed this look! Great costume idea and the dress is just perfect for it!

  2. You look perfect! balanced mix of sweetness and malefic .... Great!

  3. Haha, you were perfect as Wednesday Adams! Great job!


  4. I also went as Wednesday Addams this year. I'll have to share later. Your dress, though, I believe is much cuter than my own!