Outfit: On Thursdays We Wear Retro

by - 11:27

Cardigan -  Tesco | T-shirt - Primark | Skirt - Matalan
Tights - Primark | Shoes - Tesco 

On Thursday the week before last I had to go to a postgraduate skills workshop at university. This sort of outfit is fairly typical of what I wear when I have to go to something where something more vintage wouldn't necessarily be appropriate, but where I still want to remain looking somewhat 'retro' and feel comfortable with what I'm wearing. 

I've started to wear my wooly tights again since the weather is getting cold. The ones I'm wearing here are an oatmeal colour but mostly come out looking white on photos. They're very useful for the Autumn/Winter though. 

Sadly my tripod died a long overdue and fairly final death when I was taking these photos; it used to be my dad's and is around 25 years old so I reckon it's done pretty well. I will see if I can manage with it until Christmas (it still stands upright at least although it's permanently wonky and the threads have gone in enough screws that both of the handles have now fallen off it). I'm hoping to buy a DSLR in the Christmas sales so I will probably pick up a new tripod at the same time. Not long to wait now :)

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  1. Gorgeous outfit, so elegant and sophisticated!

  2. Lovely I love the way you styled your hair!

  3. That cardigan is really making me wish I hadn't given away something I had which was similar. :/ Damn. Og well, I am now inspired to keep an eye out for a new one! :) -
    Tea For Two

  4. oh golly you are just too cute in pink! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you regarding an x-mas present of a DSLR camera. I loooooove mine!!

  5. This is such a classic, completely pretty outfit. I love the texture of that cardigan. I have a small number of cable knit ones, but none quite like this. It's really lovely!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Lovely outfit! The cardigan looks really pretty on you :)