Knitting Update: Knit for Victory and the 3 Hour Sweater

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Recently I have been knitting a couple of things in my spare time which I hope to be able to finish and add to my wardrobe in the not-too-distant future. I have made a start on a cardigan for Knit For Victory (at the time of writing I haven't got around to adding any photos to the Flikr group but at least I've done some actual knitting).

Knit for Victory: a 1940s-inspired knit-along

I'm using a pattern belonging to my mum which I believe is from the 1980s but which has a classic feel which I think will work well for a 1940s look. So far I've only done some of the back of the cardigan. I'm a slow knitter and I really don't have much time for knitting at the moment what with all my university coursework, but I'm plodding ahead.

 I've been following the instructions for a 34" bust,which should be the right size for me, but it looks like it's going to come out too big. If it is too big though, I'll probably just knit another one in a different colour and a smaller size. I'm very short of knitwear at the moment so it'll be useful either way. I have already knitted a beret in the same colour wool which will make a lovely matching set once I've finished the cardigan.

 I have also been working on knitting the 3 Hour Sweater, which has taken me far longer than 3 hours. It is a relatively simple pattern but I have found it very difficult knitting on such large needles. I've finished everything except the sleeves, which have been put on hold for now until I've finished my Knit for Victory cardigan.

The colour looks quite a bright blue in the photo but is paler in person. It's very lightweight but it still feels like a winter knit to me. I also have a beret knitted up in the same colour to this, so I will have two nice matching sets by the time I have finished!

I actually think that I've chosen the wrong yarn for this pattern, which has resulted in it being much lighter weight and harder to knit than it probably should have been, but I live and learn. When I finally get it finished I might give it another go in the proper wool, which hopefully will result it in taking the 3 hours to knit that it's supposed to take. You can find the pattern here. The pattern I have used for both the berets is the Versatile Beret pattern which can be found here. I have worn the blue beret a couple of times in photos which have a appeared on the blog, most recently here.

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  1. I've knit the 3-hour sweater before! I wasn't really happy with how it looked in the end. If you look through the projects on Ravelry, a lot of people have heavily modified the pattern and used smaller needles (for example the red sweater whose picture is first is NOT knit on size 15 needles). Of course I discovered this after knitting my sweater.... Good luck with your knitting projects!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see your 3-hr sweater! I tried to start knitting that last Christmas and it still sits undone…. I"ve jokingly taken to calling it the"300-hr sweater."

  3. Kate: I don't think I will try knitting it again in that case! Seems a waste in case it comes out rubbish twice. I will see how my current version goes, though.

    Lauren: I might join you there! I have actually been knitting it for the last few months, AND I had knitting some which I had to completely pull down before I started my current version. It's not a great pattern IMO.