Outfit: Ring Ring Goes The Bell

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In a short while I'm off for my induction day for my new university course.

Initially when I took these photos I wasn't happy with any of them, but I managed to weed out the ones I liked the least and fix the rest in iPhoto until I ended up with these. I still don't really like these kind of indoor photos but I tried to take some outside today as well, and they were even worse. Such is life. 

Knitted blouse - 50s vintage from THE VINTAGE SET 
 Skirt - 60s vintage from RubyMaez | Socks - Primark | Shoes - Clarks

For my "back to school", I wanted to go for a kind of vintage collegiate look. I may continue to dress in this style for those days when I have to be in uni - it's very comfortable and practical but also stylish, I think. 

The skirt is a new purchase of mine and I have to say I really love it! It'll be perfect for this Autumn/Winter. It was listed as 50s/60s, but my mum says she had an almost identical one in the 80s. Either way, it's exactly what I was looking for for this kind of outfit. I wish I could have taken some photos on campus but they have been gradually rebuilding or renovating all the buildings at university and I think the oldest buildings were redone in around the 1990s so are way too modern for the vibe I was going for. 

Today's title is from School Days by Chuck Berry.

I've also realised that I passed my first year of blogging at the beginning of August and I didn't even think about it! I'm more looking forward to Christmas time when I can say that I've been blogging for one full year, January to December. In the time I've been blogging I hope that my blogging has improved in quality; I think on the whole my photos tend to be better than they were when I started and I think my little digital snap camera does a pretty good job considering it's not one of the lovely DSLRs that I know a lot of bloggers use.

I started blogging as a means of keeping more in touch with the vintage community and helping to grow and improve my own vintage style. I really think this has helped my wardrobe evolve over time to a point where I'm really beginning to feel happy with my look and I'm more comfortable than ever with myself.

So with that, I'd like to thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet and keeping me inspired. See you all on Friday for a little book review.

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  1. Love the vintage vibes of the look. The skirt is lovely.


  2. Whether that skirt is from the 50's or 80's doesn't matter as it is stunning! I just adore the shape and pattern and you styled it perfectly!


    1. It just goes to show how some styles keep coming back :)

  3. love the colours of the skirt ... ha, in the beginning i thought the pink-ish bushes from the picture on the wall would be a floral headpiece! hahaha. ;)

    1. What a great idea, something like that would look very sweet with this outfit :)