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While I was away, Emileigh from Flashback Summer was kind enough to agree to write a guest post for me. I duly posted it and everything seemed to be fine, except when I checked back a while later and discovered none of the images were working. Further investigation seemed to show that the images didn't work at all on anyone's computer, rather than just on my iPad. I still have no idea why, but without further ado, here is the proper post complete with images.

Thanks once again to Emileigh, and I'm so sorry I managed to mess up your post!


Shoes are a weakness of mine.  As in, if I didn't have such small feet that are hard to find shoes for.... I'd be broke.  But I would have a lot of fabulous shoes!

Many of us vintage lovers are the same way, I would imagine, looking for shoes that are vintage-inspired, cute, and practical.  However, a lot of the go-to vintage-looking shoe companies can be a bit pricey (*cough*SwedishHasbeens*cough).  They're beautiful shoes, but if you're like me, you can't afford to throw down a large wad of cash for a single pair of shoes.

There is hope though!  In my quest for such shoes, I've discovered a few things along the way, and I'm here to share my tips with you!

vintage style shoes - flashback summer via lovebirds vintage

Tip #1
Know the basic shoe silhouettes for each decade.  T-strap for the 20s, espadrilles and peep-toes for the 30s and 40s, kitten heels and pointed toes for the 50s and 60s, etc.  Look for any kind of shoe that has the basic decade characteristics you are looking for, even if it's a newer shoe.  If it looks the part, go with it!
Here is a site with an overview for each decade's trends, and here is the link to the modern shoes above.

vintage style shoes - flashback summer via lovebirds vintage

Tip #2
Go thrifting.  Hit up the old, janky resale shops, garage/ yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc.  These places are often full of 80s and 90s shoes, many of which will actually work very well for vintage looks and have some of the lowest prices.  You may have to do some digging, but I've discovered some lovely shoes in what looked like very junky places!
I found the shoes above on etsy, and they have a low price tag and a classic style that could work for many looks.

vintage style shoes - flashback summer via lovebirds vintage

Tip #3
Don't be afraid to simply wear the shoes you like.  I have a pair of ridiculously tall, platform, strappy, pink flower shoes that I really love.  Do they have a true 1940s look?  Hahaha..... No.  But do I love them?  Yes.  Don't be afraid to wear the shoes that you love and coordinate shoes of different decades to go with your outfits.  It's your design aesthetic; do what you want!

vintage style shoes - flashback summer via lovebirds vintage

Tip #4
Look in the old lady sections.  I have found many good pairs of shoes in the older, orthopedic-looking section of shoe stores.  Think about it.  They usually have classic styles, neutral colors, and they're comfy.  What's not to love?  Look for the all-day comfort shoe brands like Clark's, Softspots, etc.  Though legit orthopedic brands may cost a bit more, they are.... well, orthopedic.  So they're great for work, walking, or long days when you still want to look cute.

vintage style shoes - flashback summer via lovebirds vintage

Tip #5
This is my favorite tip of all.
Look in the kids' section!  That's where I got the shoes above, for about $15!
Yes, it's true!  Many companies make children's shoes up to sizes that may be larger than you think.  I know for American sizing, your children's shoe size will be two sizes down from your women's size.  For example, I am a US size 5 (about a Eur 35-36, I believe), which means I would be a US child's size 3.  (I have no idea why it works that way.) Kids' shoes are great because they are often low-heeled or flat, come in bright colors, and are durable.  (And they often have velcro!  Woo!)  Check it out next time you're in the shoe section!
 Below are some more examples of shoes you can find in a couple stores in their kids' section.  (I apologize that I'm not familiar with other overseas stores to tell you guys about!  However, both of these stores have online shopping options.

vintage style shoes - flashback summer via lovebirds vintage

Target (available up to child's size 6-7, which is US women's size 8-9):

vintage style shoes - flashback summer via lovebirds vintage

Payless (available up to child's size 6, which is US women's size 8):

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  1. Absolutely wonderful guest post! As someone with (modern) size 8 feet (with very high arches that make finding shoes that fit well/comfortably a bit of a problem at times, and a modest budget, most genuine vintage shoes are a mere pipe dream for me, and I rely on styles like these to help keep my feet looking the part. Now, if only I could wave a magic wand and have all the pairs in this lovely post suddenly appear in my closet! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It is really useful... I will definitely be using some of these suggestions in my own wardrobe.