Rufford Abbey Multi-Historical

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1930s style 30s via lovebirds vintage

Dress - prize from Lady K Loves 
Bag and jacket - borrowed from mum | Beret - self-made
Shoes - Deichmann | Gloves - vintage, gift from my grandparents

On Saturday we popped over to Rufford Abbey for the multi-historical re-enactment event. After these photos were taken, the weather took a turn for the worse and it hailed pretty much the whole of the rest of the day. A lot of the re-enactors had closed up their tents and put their things away, and those with big enough tents were allowing others to shelter inside. I was absolutely freezing, though a lovely gent allowed me to share his wool cloak for a while. I didn't ask which time period he was representing, but a lot of the earlier ones seem to wear lovely wool or fur cloaks, which seems sensible in this weather!

1930s style 30s via lovebirds vintage

Someone I know was considering taking a 1929 Box Brownie to take photos with, so for that reason and since it was multi-historical I decided to put together a 1930s outfit. The hair and beret were inspired by Nabby from This Old Life although in hindsight I think I was wearing the beret a little tooooo sideways.

The beret itself is knitted by me from the 'Versatile Beret' pattern, which I'm pretty sure I found here, via Andi B. Goode. I really enjoyed knitting it - I will definitely knit another (maybe several, I just love berets) and I might even knit a few to gift/sell. 

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  1. What a shame about the weather! You looked fantastic for it though!
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  2. You are so gorgeous!!! I love this dress so much, the collar detail and stripes are darling. The little beret just completes this outfit :3

  3. lovely look. every little piece of it is so awesome.