Liebster 2.0

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This week I was nominated for a Liebster blog award by Emileigh of Flashback Summer. Thank you, Emileigh! I know not everyone enjoys these, but since the questions for this one are different to questions I've answered before, and also I'm a fan of spreading the love, I'm going to answer the questions and pass the award along.

The rules that came attached to this one are slightly different to the rules I've seen before:

1. Post 11 things about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions created by the person who nominated you
3. Create 11 questions of your own to ask the bloggers you decide to nominate
4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate and link to them on their blog post
5. The nominated bloggers must be notified of their award!
6. No tag backs!

So firstly for the 11 things about myself:

1. I have one brother who is two years younger than me.
2. I am a hoarder of stuff. I find it really hard to throw things away if I think they still have life in them, even if I don't need them any more. I have to try and be really strict with myself so I don't end up buried in junk.
3. I think I feel the most comfortable in myself now than I have ever felt.
4. I have never been on a plane.
5. I can never leave my iPod on shuffle at parties; I like all kinds of music so you're likely to get something that kills the mood entirely - or worse still, an audiobook or a recording of one of my university lectures.
6. I am a reader. I have books stacked everywhere at the moment as I've run out of space in the book case.
7. As you may have guessed from all my moaning about the cold weather recently, my favourite time of year is summer.
8. I used to work in a hotel. I would never work in a hotel again.
9. I am addicted to Solitaire. I have it on my phone, iPod and iPad, and I will play it in any available free moment.
10. My favourite holiday ever was to Scotland.
11. My biggest addiction at the moment it Midget Gems. I go mad for them!

And the 11 questions asked by Emileigh:

1. Most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

- Ok, I have literally been thinking about this for about 2 days and I have no idea how to go about answering this question! (we're off to a good start then...) I have seen lots of beautiful things in my life, but I don't think I could choose just one. I love flowers and sunsets and beautiful dresses.. life is beautiful!

2. If you could add one item to your wardrobe (money is no object!) what would it be and why?

- Right now, a fur coat. Instant glamour and nice and warm for this awful cold weather we're having.

3. Top three places you'd love to visit?

- The last time I answered a similar question, I said that I'm not a big traveller but that I was considering doing a Masters degree in America. Since then, I've found one in the UK that I'm pretty sure I want to do, so I probably won't be going to America after all. 

4. Favorite kind of cookie?

- Oatmeal.

5. Favorite song?

- It changes all the time, I'm far too indecisive to have one all-time favourite. Favourite of the week is Pompeii by Bastille.

6. If you could play any instrument masterfully, what would it be and why?

- I would love to be able to play the clarinet again, if my wrist problem ever gets better. I have always wanted to be able to play the piano really well, though.

7. Sweet or unsweet tea?

- Unsweet!

8. Favorite holiday to celebrate?

- There isn't one I can think of that stands out over all the others. I was at home for this last Christmas, but before that for a couple of years I worked most of the days throughout the Christmas holiday.   

9. Favorite tattoo idea?

- I don't currently want any tattoos myself, but I often really like them on other people. I love really colourful sleeve tattoos. 

10. Strangest/most random thing you like?

- Probably insects. A lot of people can't really understand what would appeal to me about them but I just find them fascinating!

11. What would your dream kitchen look like?

- Probably a little farmhouse-style kitchen.

Now the 11 questions for my nominees to answer:

1. What's your favourite food?
2. Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
3. What is your favourite alternative fashion style other than vintage?
4. Tea or coffee?
5. Sweet or savoury?
6. Spend or save?
7. What's your favourite book?
8. Favourite celebrity, past or present?
9. How did you get into blogging?
10. Do you think you will continue blogging in the future?
11. Can you recommend a blog for me to read and/or a vintage store for me to check out?

And finally the 11 people who I'd like to nominate. For the most part I have no idea whether these people have less than 200 followers or not, but I've just tried to choose 11 people that I have not nominated in the past.

Demi Lauren
Haute Rockabilly Fashionista
Vintage Lovin' Gal
Evie's Tearoom
My Last Dollar Dress
Victory Rolls and Roses
Stories Read Aloud
Veronica Vintage
The Forties Floozy
stories read aloud
Cheeky Vintage Chick
Comrade Von Pussycat

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  1. Thank you very much for your nomination, I am very honored!

    Cat :)

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I will post soon.


  3. Thank you for the nomination. Sorry, I was at VLV 16 when you sent this out.