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Rufford today was fantastic as expected, although I didn't have as much time to look around as I would have liked due to having the whole clan along for the ride including WWII Marines veteran Granddad.

Lots of photos were taken once again so I should be able to share those once they become available to me.

The next event I am going to be attending is the Sherwood Through The Ages multi-period event so I will need to start deciding on an outfit for that soon. Although there will be re-enactors for many periods throughout history, the website also mentions 1930s, 40s and 50s dress as being acceptable. Having read some of the information, it appears they have pretty strict rules regarding being appropriately in-character if you are going in period dress, although I'm not totally certain if it will apply to me as I'm not going as an actual re-enactor. Possibly some more research is required before I turn up in vintage garb and end up getting chucked out for using my mobile phone or something. I'm digging some of the earlier historical periods though - if only I could outfit myself in Edwardian or Regency clothing, for example.

Following that is the Papplewick 1940s weekend for which I will be (obviously) in 1940s dress. I'm gradually getting around to sorting out enough stuff to wear at these things.. I do think it's nice to be dressed in something different each time as it was very easy to recognise people at Rufford today who had been dressed exactly the same at Crich.

re-enactment via lovebirds vintage

The above photo was taken by my dad and the car is a delightful Cadillac which just happens to match my trousers rather well (although is a little too modern for a Home Front event!). I've developed a real taste for these re-enactment type events and I definitely have my eye on a few bigger ones for next year. Hopefully I can bribe my parents to keep giving me lifts since I spend all my money on clothes at the moment instead of car insurance. I may not be able to drive then, but soon I will have a wardrobe full of fabulous clothes which is much better, right?

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