V for Victory Rolls

by - 12:19

I made a second attempt at the victory rolls/snood combination today.


I'm pretty much happy with it now, I just need to give it another go tomorrow to see if I can get it any neater. I tend to struggle quite a bit with hair related things both because my hair is extremely fine and very badly behaved, and because I have next to no talent for it.

Hey ho, practice makes perfect, right? 

I'm going to visit my grandparents tomorrow and I can't wait to show them my uniform so I'll be able to give the hair a trial run alongside the uniform.

They don't look too bad all in all! I'm oh so tempted to accessorise the hair net with a big flower of some kind, but just not with the uniform. I actually think this is something I could work into my everyday outfits now that I feel I've got the hang of the hair net a bit more.


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  1. Your victory rolls look great! Simply wonderful. Also, your make up is really beautiful.