Crich Part 2

by - 09:03

I took so many photos at Crich that it's been really hard to choose my favourites to show.

My absolute favourite that I took is this one of a couple of soldiers:

young soldiers wwii re-enactment crich

Looks pretty authentic, I think!

There was music all day on the band stand and elsewhere. I even danced at once point (.. maybe I'll put some photos in my next post..)

lola lamour vintage wwii re-enactment singer crich

The lovely Miss Lola Lamour.

I didn't manage to pick myself up a dishy G.I. but the American army camp was interesting to look round anyway, and even had a tent where they were showing old films.

wwii re-enactment crich

wwii re-enactment crich

air raid shelter wwii crich

I'm glad there wasn't an actual air raid, as I never did manage to find the shelter.

soldiers motorbike wwii re-enactment crich

Churchill re-enactment Crich

There was even a visit from Mr Churchill.

I do actually have some photos of myself from the event, but none that ended up on my own camera so I will have some of those up once I've managed to get hold of them.

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