Monday, 30 November 2015


Today I though I would share a very quick few photos from my first few weeks of living in my new home. None of these are outfit-related, so feel free to skip this post if you're just here for clothes. I'll be back to outfits and some other vintage topics next time.



colour run


I've been really enjoying living where I do now all apart from the distance I am now from my friends and family back in the Midlands. However, I've been really lucky and have made some great new friends in my new home.

I hope this random selection of photos hasn't been too boring - it was really just by way of a quick update as I've been running the blog off mostly pre-written scheduled posts (from before I moved) for a while now. Like I said at the beginning, I'll be back to my usual style of content from the next post onwards, so I hope to see you there!

Saturday, 28 November 2015


Disclaimer: This dress was provided free of charge for review purposes by Dolly and Dotty. All opinions are my own.

Dolly and Dotty

Dolly and Dotty is a relatively new brand on the retro scene with some really nice designs, so when they got in touch and asked if I'd like to review one of their dresses and provide feedback on the fit and quality, I jumped at the chance.

The design I chose is this beautiful "Evelyn" swing dress, which comes in a range of colours and patterns. I opted for the green tartan as I've had my eye on similar designs from other companies for a while and have come close to buying one several times. 

Dolly and Dotty

The first thing I'd like to say about the company is that I really like how involved the company have been since they first contacted me. They are really keen to improve and alter their designs to make them really stand out to lovers of vintage style, and I feel like they are really taking my comments on board.

So, onto the fun stuff: what do I think of the dress? 

Dolly and Dotty

In terms of the design itself, I adore the peekaboo cutout and peter pan collar. The cutout gives the dress a little bit of sex appeal whilst keeping it classy. Of course I really like the pattern, and the dress also features a lovely full skirt which would fit a petticoat underneath. I've styled it without a petticoat here as all mine are still at my parents' house, however I think the dress holds it's own pretty well without one. 

The dress is fully lined which I really appreciate as it helps the dress hang well and gives it a more quality feel. It also adds an extra layer and I'm one of these people who's always cold so every little helps! The dress came with two different matching belts and a head scarf which is really unique as I've never had another similar company include so many accessories. Here I am wearing the tartan belt which is in the same fabric as the dress; the other belt is plain green. I'm also wearing the head scarf with the tartan side facing out, but the other side (the lining?) is plain navy and I see no reason why it couldn't be worn that way round as well.

Dolly and Dotty

The belts are overall nice quality, as they come with a proper buckle and a loop to hold the tail out of the way (??? that was a very poor description but I hope you know what I mean). I would personally prefer the belts to be stiffer as they are quite floppy, but it's not a big deal. The headscarf also has a really large label which I found really difficult to hide, but again not something that's too much of a problem.

Dolly and Dotty
I'm in between sizes for Dolly and Dotty clothing so based on my experiences with other similar companies I opted to size down to the size UK 8. I do find the top of the bodice (around the arms/neck/bust) a little bit restrictive, but I really like the fitted look so I am glad I went for the smaller size. If you feel like you'd be uncomfortable or you prefer a less fitted look, I'd recommend sizing up if you're in between sizes. 

Recently I've been wearing way more repro clothing than genuine vintage. I find it much more practical for my current lifestyle, and although I'd say real vintage is still my favourite overall, I feel like I might continue in my current trend of leaning towards repro for at least a while. I'm really pleased to have discovered Dolly and Dotty as they have a lot of styles I really like and fit nicely into my budget. 
Dolly and Dotty

Thanks to Lexie for the pictures!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Grease Is The Word

50s Grease Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

50s Grease Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

50s Grease Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

50s Grease Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage

50s Grease Outfit via Lovebirds Vintage
Blouse and cardigan - Primark | Skirt - vintage | Shoes - Shoezone
Hair bow - Made by me

I got dressed for work one morning before I moved and realised I'd accidentally dressed like an extra from Grease, so I just kind of... ran with it. I wish I'd had a more school-esque background to shoot against but there was nowhere suitable locally. I can't complain too much when I had such easy access to the countryside though!